My ASOS Curve Wish list

ASOS CURVE Rope Short, ASOS CURVE Printed Fitted Waist Dress

ASOS CURVE Abstract Feather Shoulder Dress, ASOS CURVE Tribal Print Twist One Shoulder Vest

ASOS CURVE Floral Jumpsuit, ASOS CURVE Dip Dye Animal Print Boyfriend Cardi

Everyone got one ;) here's mine, some want have's atm.
Really starting to get into the one shoulder thing, should be worn more often, thing is...I only have ONE one shoulder piece, a little black dress, I really want to purchase a cute summer top that's one shoulder...or dress, like these above. *drool* Thoughts about the one shoulder pieces?


StephanieDJL said…
I am in love with the jumpsuit! I love how one shouldered items look but being that I'm not yet comfortable with getting the arms out, I don't have anything in that style.
The first dress is beautiful! I love it. xo
Courtney said…
That animal print cardi is now on MY want list! I like the one shoulder trend, and I have one one-shouldered dress, but I don't do strapless bras so I can't figure out how to wear it!

Loving The Reflection
Shandi said…
i love the second dress, the print is so money. i hope you're wishes come true very soon and i look forward to seeing your looks! :)
Cleo said…
the floral jumpsuit is amazing!!!

Definitely hot! :)
OB said…
yes please!!
Natalie Mulford said…
I love one shoulder pieces! I'm so digging that floral jumpsuit, can't wait til someone does an outfit post with it! I so adore so many things on the ASOS Curve site!!
I love the cardigan!!

dc said…
Noneed to say that I love animal print.
The first dress is my favorite.
Ulrika said…
I love the floral jumpsuit, so cute!xxx
Alissa said…
I am loving the floral jumpsuit and tribal print one shoulder top. ASOS is really doing big things
Love the first dress! it is beautiful!

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