Omg, it's lady gaga!?

Thoughts about Christina's newest video? Copy much or original?
I think she's gotta an amazing voice, just like Gaga, but the image that she has in this Video feels old and deseperate. Gaga's already done it and IS doing it. She just looks like a copy cat, and she denies of knowing who Lady Gaga is, she's like "never heard of her." come on! :P


Omfg!! Copy much, of course!!! I didn't know this video before your post, but course is a complete copy of Lady Gaga!!

I'm sure that Chistina need "something big" like this video for reappear again, but is too much!!

This is my first coment in your blog, but I'm following you since a long time ago!!!

You can visit my blog if you want, but sorry all is in spanish!!

I'm really thinking in copy your "27 dresses"... but not like Chirstina Aguilera!!! jajajaja

best wishes, kisses!!
Zatine said…
COPY COPYYYY! Christina is a pretty girl /big singer not a Gaga. There can only be one Gaga and everyone copying her is just a lame copy. No one can outmatch her.
Gaga forever!!!! <3
Carla said…
why why?! I loved christina...her voice is amazing...she doesnt need to copy gaga, it does indeed feel desperate!
vc said…
well i wouldn't say Christina is the copy cat, she has been around a lot longer than gaga. I think lady gaga's videos look alot like other singers, Madonna is one of them and others from the 80's. I think ppl think Christina and other ppl copy her because she is the new hot artist. although gaga is a good singer, I am sorry Jennifer but she does not compare she Christina. Christina Aguilera has a great voice and is a true artist. I think she will be around a lot longer than gaga will. but we are all entitled to our opinions and I still <3 you! LOL
Kristel Knows said…
I still love you too ;)
I'm with you on that, abso. maybe just the wrong time to come out with a quite similar video. They must have the same music video producer or something, lol.
Aguilera as always been a sexual and chocking artist just like Gaga, you just forget about it.
Fashion Matters said…
I really love your blog, its amazing!!

Well I don't think either of them are original..Grace jones, david bowie, madonna, etc. have been doing what Gaga is doing now for years!
Both Gaga and Christina have great voices but both are desperate attention seekers and trying to sell themselves too hard. Even though Christina is clearly taking "inspiration" from Gaga I still prefer her. I was a Lady Gaga fan for a few weeks then read about how she made security in an airport personally search her in a private room and I lost all respect for her! (huge waste of time, money, resources)


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