Ring me!

Mighty proud over my local find.
Sun has been shining bright, the weather is kick ass! even though it's hot as hell, I like it. I'm feeling flabby and pale, I need some color to my skin, I need some summer freshness! The summer glow!! :) you know what I'm saying?
So far I've been going up early in the morning, real proud over myself, I usualy don't wake up around 9 am. I've been having a nice Chef sallad for lunch with Jason's mom and relative, They are so nice to me, And Jay's mom, such a sweetheart...I'm so grateful for the hospitality and all. Btw, I really think that all Americans so far I've meet are SO NICE!!! Except the old man at the cashier today at Rite Aid. I didn't get my discount and he was a bit rude so I didn't dare to ask why. *sigh* Typical me.

Anyways, visited a newly opened Tibetian store, and OH MY GOD! they had a lot of goodies, clothes, bags...accessories, you name it. I found a bunch of Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!! rings, I want them all!!! Mostly silver rings with beautiful colored stones, different sizes and shapes...it was HEAVEN! Well, they were a bit pricey, so I just got one for 25$ the silver on my finger, pretty isn't it?


Wow that ring is so cute and unique!
Sonia said…
Beautiful ring! I really love your nail polish too.
Weesha said…
the rings are gorgeous and I love the nail polish colour!
love it! fab nails and beautiful rings, great combo! gotta love summer and shopping and sweet inlaws! :D <3
S.Nicole said…
Love the polish & rings! Lately I've been obsessed with buying rings :)

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