Stylish, me? :) why thank you!

Thank you Christina from Randomness & Other Such Thing for giving me this award!! *heart*
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Really appreciate it, that you think of me as stylish. (*^_^*)
Do check out her lovely blog!

5 "stylish" facts coming up:

[I love broccoli]
[I was named "Our class' party poser" at my graduation dinner]
[I love Chinese food, esp. dumplings]
[This is my 3rd visit to the United States of AMERICA]
[I hate my passport photo!]

I tag these lovely, oh so very stylish share some 5 facts about themseleves. &


OMG thank you so much sweet Jennifer! this means a lot coming from you! love my fellow bloggers! :D sending you big kissssses all the way to Jersey! xxxxxxxx (wish I could give it back to you, might have to create a blogaward for that purpose! LOL)

xx Anika
and.. love your stylish facts! very funny :D xx!
congrats on the award :)
Alissa said…
Thanks so much Jennifer. I appreciate the love.
Em said…
Great choices. x.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Jen! I'll answer your 5 questions in the next post! Let me think of something funny to say. HAHA!!

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