SWCC ´10 Day 3

Today I wore my pattern skirt from H&M together with my batik studded shirt.
I'm really liking this combo :) too bad I have to run to work in it right now and change into my uniform. Want to wear it a little bit longer. I really in love with this shirt...the colors, the studs, and the pattern.
Accessorized with brown second hand shoes together with a brown belt around my waist, very much matching. (*^_^*)
Have a wonderful Wednesday and don't forget to enter my give away!! there's a link on the side bar.


Mode Junkie said…
i was thinking of buying this skirt too. the print and fit is gorgeous on you!

great combination! love it!
Katherine said…
You look beautiful! Loving the skirt, legs and your hair!

xo - Kat
S said…
Love the skirt.

S x
Gabi said…
I adore this combo!
carly said…
looks great! love those 2 prints together.
dc said…
Love the combination and the color.
OB said…
get it girl you look great!! I LOVE IT! you always have thee best photos!! <33
Miss Case said…
oh....HELLO GORGEOUS!!!! :)
love that skirt on you!
I love how it look your skirt!!!

Weesha said…
I like this combo very much too! it's as if that skirt was tailor made for you- I can't picture anyone else rockin' it as well as you do :)

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