SWCC ´10 Day 4

As usual, in a hurry to work, damn, so I really don't have time to write more then this. *sad face*
Well, enjoy, this is what I'm wearing today for the Summer Wardrobe Capsule Challenge.
Using the Harem pants I picked out and the Dark top with lace details on the shoulders, both pieces from H&M, also accessorized with my beloved heels from Belle shoes and cute (new) earrings from H&M only 29 SEK.

love you all.


dc said…
That t-shirt looks so good on you!
Gazel M. said…
You pull off looks so well.
I love your hair.
Your pant is fabulous on you !! Great outfit!
Anonymous said…
in the first picture, it looks as if your torso is floating in air! haha. i really like the color of those harem pants! pretty :)
OB said…
why are you so cute!!!?? :) I love it!
carly said…
Those harem pants are awesome! I love the way the look on you. Everytime I try on a pair I never feel like I can pull them off..
Stiletto Siren said…
Love it! Very sassy!
Katherine said…
Wow, you look awesome! I've never really liked harem pants but you really do rock them! I love your hair, it's so long and curly...I'm so jealous. And the shoes are love <3
BBM said…
girrlll ... u are soooo rocking this challenge! all the outfits look "new" ... r u cheating? ;-P

ure awesome!
Love your blog, you look great!

Weesha said…
hey beautiful! these harem pants are awesome, lovin' the pretty top too :)

p.s love the side pony tail look on you <3
Tiffany W said…
I love those pants, I need a pair in my wardrobe like now. You definitely rocked it.
now thats fab style! Love it hon! :))

xx Anika
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks everyone!!!! <3 Lots of love coming your way!
the pants looks awesome!!!

Kisses from méxico...
Unknown said…
I absolutely, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those harem pants on you!


Rebequita Rose


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