SWCC ´10 Day 5

Oufh, final day, it's been a great and exciting experience to mix around with only 5 items of clothes, however, I wish I would have been a bit more creative, can I blame work? lol, Nah!! there should be NO excuses!! well, I think I did alright, I wish I would have pulled that skirt up though and used it as a strapless top, damn...another time I guess.

Rest in peace my beloved polka dot stockings, yet another ripped to shreds.

WOHO! recap! :D
I think my favorite outfit of them all is Day 3.

What I wore:
Pattern skirt from H&M, white Garden collection top from H&M, Colorful batik pattern top from Ellos, Harem pants from H&M, Grey top with lace detail from H&M. (can you tell I love H&M)

Be sure to check out the other lovely ladies doing this challenge!! They have all kicked ass! (My ass.) it's been a blast and I could so do this challenge again sometime soon (I hope!)


Weesha said…
you make me love h&m too, I'm so in love with that skirt! congratulations on completing the challenge :)
vc said…
YAY we did it! made it to day 5 with out cheating! LOL I seriously wanted to cheat and add a 6th piece of clothing. Love your looks! OK so now whats our prize for doing the challenge!
Anna said…
You did a fantastic job with this challenge, congrats!

Anonymous said…
Awesome!!!! You know what, you should show H&M all these pictures and get them to sponsor your clothes! God knows how much sales you're drumming up for them!
Unknown said…
Seeeeeeeexxxxy lady!!! :) Lol...good job!
Congrats on a challenge well done! You have great style and great curves :) I love H&M too, finding great pieces and mixing them up is great fun. Det regner F*en meg her i dag også, HORISONTALT! hahha

have a lovely weekend hon <3

xx Anika
I love your outfits (:
you look awesome!

Ontheqtrain said…
You are wearing my favorite skirt again. I must have it in my life. The pattern is great!
agnes said…
Superbe, et j'aime beaucoup la photo 4 et 5
StephanieDJL said…
oo I love how you did the challenge! Another one here who you inspire to roam around H&M :D
Stiletto Siren said…
I love that skirt so much and you did a great job! Sassy and stylish as always my dear!
Hey i love that skirt!!!

This is my favorite look from all 5! You look great as always xo

i lovee number 5!
OB said…
you rocked it out mama!! <333
Great job - number 1's my favourite. Thanks for joining us.

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