Tita Auntie's Diary: Pilpinos Do Hab Sols!

HAHAHAHA! Hilarious! Today's "made my day video".
Washyur clodes in de ribayr
Be sure to check out the original. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY39fkmqKBM
Gingers do have soules.
Love this girls' videos, she's hilarious! And this video made me laugh so hard today. Thanks girls for sharing this with me, had them over for a nice and relaxing night at my place, since it's my B'day (Uh, one year older. 23, TWENTY THREE!?!?!?!) tomorrow we decided to have some drinks and fat out with a table full of goodies. Lovely shit.
Slept about 3 hours last night, working early shifts this week, so I'm a little bit out of shape, and dead tired right now, really want to do an OOTD but it's dark out and I got dark circles around my eyes *big smile*

Hope you all are feeling wonderful! *heart*
I'll post the winner of the give away soon! Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
happy birthday! hope it was a great one :)
happy birthday girl!!!!
Ulrika said…
Happy birthday sweetie!!!!Grattis Grattis! <3
L said…
Happy Birthday!
And what a coincidence! I was watching this late last night on my phone hahaha! I love Gloria! :D

Katherine said…
Grattis! Jag hoppas att du har haft en trevlig födelsedag!!!
grattis og hurra for deg! håper du ble gjort stas på!! big hugs from me to you xx

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