Finaly we have arrived, I'm really excited, the trip it self was a bit exhausting, 8 hour flight, packed, dropped my new favorite ring behind my seat, never found sad! Had to pay extra for an extra bag at check in, sucked. Airport caf├ęs are overpriced!! Arrived at Newark airport and it is HOT outside, hot and sticky. I can get used to that ;) maybe work on my tan? Hmm...
I've so far taken a cold shower, had a lovely chicken dinner, two coors light beers and Im starting to feel the buz, been picking at some chocolate covered pretzels, LOVE! and soon Im gonna un pack my suitcase wich I've been really good at packing, only 14 Kg, can stuff it with almost 10 more Kg, score! :)
Took a short stroll around the yard around the house and took some pictures, and you can clearly feel the American vibes around this house, I like!!

Take care lovely readers and stay tuned.


Plus or minus still nice pics .....Some good news in that no matter where we are God will always be there. God loves us and His son Jesus the Christ died for our sins so we would not have to pay the price. Check out book of John in the Bible to prepare for journey of a lifetime.
L said…
Awesome pics! I miss the States! Hope you have a wonderful time...:D

J-Jones said…
I've never seen so many US flags in one yard. These people are very patriotic.
Anna said…
Wow, that is a ton of US flags! It is almost July 4th, though.

Have fun!
Gabi said…
How exciting! Great timing get to experience the 4th of july!
vc said…
Yay welcome to the USA! Hope you have a great vacay & looking forward to all your fab American post,,
Miss Case said…
Ok, 3 Things:
1.) So glad you made it to the US safely!
2.) WELCOME!!!!!! :)
and 3.) OMG I am in LOVE with your outfit...I have a thing for leopard print lately!

hehe anyways, I hope you have a wonderful time here! :)
yup welcome to jersey, yu startt sweating as soon as you walk outside! ugh lol
▲sarisafari said…
Too bad about your ring!
Anyway, have fun! xx
hi sweetie, glad you made it ok, sorry about the earring! I love the dress, leopard suits you .. or the other way around ;D! so exited to see what adventures are coming your way in the great States! Enjoy your self and take it all in for me as well! I`ve always wanted to go there but haven`t been yet :) big kisses for you! xoxoxoxo! <3
Elin said…
I love your blog! :)

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