Weekend wish list

Some pieces I'm drooling for at the moment...

ARMY leggings with zipper - LINDEX, Dress - Indiska, Top with shoulder detail - Forever21

Skirt - ELLOS, Shoes - NELLY.COM, Dress - NELLY.COM
The best time killer is to brows around the web, I do that often...esp. scroll around Tradera.comlooking for fabulous finds! Vintage bags, shoes or accessories. Also H&M is a favorite website! (addicted) Anyways, I tried to widen my horizon today by browsing around Nelly.com, Ellos.se, Lindex's Online shop, as well was Forever21. and here's a round up of some weekend must haves and want to have's. :D ALSO,
how many as heard or know of the shop Indiska?

it's a kick ass store, love it, it's India inspired, the clothes, the accessories and the interior design they sell, I'm thinking of doing a wish list only from them cause there is so many nice things I wish I had and that I just HAVE to show you all!!


Natalie Mulford said…
Pretty! I really like the Nelly dress!
Tiffany W said…
I love the tan wedges, those are so fierce. The detailing is pretty cool.
Carla said…
love the nelly dress!!!
Franceta said…
That last dress is to die for!
Oh wow those shoes! Yum! I like the f21 top too. xo

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