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Better late then never?
Can't wait to check out the sales in US.

Easy, breezy, beautiful, COVER GIRL smoky shadow blast. Jessica Simpson Handbag 57$ (Macy's)

Studded Lattice Top $10.99 . Stud Burst Tunic :$8.99 (forever21)

Bree Platform Heels $9.99 (forever21). Pembroke High Wedge Sandal $27.99 (Playless shoes)
Again, so much to do so little time, today I've been somewhat productive, I've printed out my visa waiver papers just to make sure I won't be denied to enter the United states of AMERICA!! I would cry and beg on my knees if I would and the "border and custom service's dudes" wouldn't give a poop. LOL. I have also printed out our flight tickets AND gone shopping....surprise surprise I got a 300 SEK gift card in the mail from Tradera.com, I had apparently been chosen as "Today's auction" by their blogger and got a gift card as prize. SCORE! Thank you so much!!
I've been feeling rather fine during the day, but in the mornings and nights I feel like crap, sour and flemmy throat and snotty, head feels like it weighs 10 ton. So staying home from work tomorrow to get better, don't want to get worse...not the time, so much to do, so little time! Can't get sicker then this. Wish me luck!


Courtney said…
I love that Jessica Simpson bag! I wanted to let you know that I did a review for the Covergirl Smoky Shadowblast eyeshadow on the I Love Fatshion Network blog (http://www.ilovefatshion.com/2010/06/19/beauty-review-by-courtney/), if you're interested.

J-Jones said…
The Covergirl Shadow Blast thing looks really nice... I thought about getting one, but I figured what's the point if I don't wear make-up like that?
Maria said…
Shiiit du åker snart!! :)
Kristel Knows said…
Make up in US is so cheap compared to sweden, and we dont have cover girl here so that's why I'm so interested in it :D and I watch a lot of top model LOL. :D
Congrats on winning the gift card! The Jessica bag is soo cute! xo

Mode Junkie said…
have fun in the us babe. i hope they let you in! ;) shop loads! can´t wait to see what you buy!

xoxo Mode Junkie
Alexandra said…
Hey doll! Thank you so much for following :-)

I am absolutely in love with those gray shoes!!!!

<33 A
OB said…
yes please!!!
Happy shopping your little heart out! Look forward to seing what goodies you pick up! :D
dresses, heels and make up.. check, check, check!! xx
cute bag :)


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