Beach and boardwalks

Palm trees and Jason chillin' in the sun.

Crazy waves at this place, and then had a shark scare that day, Jesus.

Bikini pictures, new bottoms from H&M's sale, Only a dollar, lucky me.

14$ beer.....................We got to keep the glas.

Nice seafood dinner at a restuarant with great view of the beach and boardwalk

That my friends in Sweden is what they call a FUNNEL CAKE. And Jason won me a stuffed animal, aw!

Some more pictures from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Enjoy! ;)


Stiletto Siren said…
Looks like you are having such a good time! I want your beach life! Workin it in that bikini too!
oh, how lovely! looks fantastic and you look so beautiful, you beach-babe you! would love the be there, enjoying the heat and the water :) also, I saw someone in that dress of yours today, and thought of you :) sending you big love all the way from oslo :)<3
Anonymous said…
looks like fun. funnel cake is sooo good! i haven't had any this summer yet!
Anonymous said…
You are too cute! and i love your confidence :)
there is nothing better than funnel cake, bikinis, and beer. you are living the american dream!
Sonia said…
You look beautiful in that bikini, and you're getting SO tan. I'm envious of how beautiful the beach looks.
kittehinfurs said…
you are getting an awesome tan! and you look like you're having so much fun :D
OB said…
rock it mama!!! You look damn good girl I absolutely LOVE these pics, girl and I can see your tan lol I LOVE It!! <3
Anonymous said…
I'm jealous... I'd love to be beside the sea right now! You look gorgeous, as always.

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