Black & white

Jessica Simpson crossover bag 42.99$, Faith21 24.80$, Macy's plus size 39$.

Faith21 top 22.80$, ASOS curve babydoll dress 38£, Forever21 heels 34.80$.

I'm gonna hunt that Jessica Simpson bag DOWN!! love it, and the shoes...hope I can find them in store :)
but hey?! wait a min. now when I'm in the US...I can just order online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *big smile*
Black & white never goes wrong.


L & V said…
i love black and white.. you can really never go wrong with that.
kittehinfurs said…
Have you ever ordered from ASOS before? I think you'd fit into their main range actually. Don't ever look at their size charts - they're seriously off!
The Faith 21 dress is so cute!!!
Gazel M. said…
Ooh, nice!
Take advantage of that ASOS curve sale. I got so much stuff for $300... lol.
Anonymous said…
those colors are so in right now!
I love how that bag folds over!
hey girl i wanted to go but i have to work to 12 at shop rite :( but i
really wanted to go . tommorow im off ofcourse but i wanted to go to
forever21 let me kno and well go . or come visit me at shop rite i
work at the frontend with the cahiers .lol

yeh i think i might be able to go on sunday ill let yu kno. i used to live in lodi but i moved lol you can always email me at
oooo love the babydoll, the heels and the bag! great pics hun! <3 xoxoxo
Natalie Mulford said…
Oh! I'm really loving that Jessica Simpson bag!
Miss Case said…
I agree! black and white can never go wrong! I am really into black and white lately...We are totally on the same wavelength! haha :)

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