Blast from the past

Day 10: A photo taken over 10 years ago.
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Since I'm not home in Sweden and on my dear MAC. I could only find these old pictures of me as a kid on facebook, together with my beautiful mother, and adorable siblings. Thank you mom for my current fashion taste, pink jumpsuit & knee high socks? :P


Anonymous said…
how cute! love that first photo :)
Em said…
OMG - could you be a cuter little thing?

I love these kinds of photos and being able to llok at you as a girl and then see in those shots the adult you become - LOVE this share. It feels just so personal. Thank you. x.
kittehinfurs said…
sooo cute! also your outfit in the second photo is something i can totally see myself in now LOL
OB said…
awe I love it

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