China Town, NYC.

I love being in NYC. Oufh, Don't wanna taste thoese wasabi flavoured seaweeds.

Cool chinese looking building with a startbucks in it. :)

Can't be in china town without eating chinese food.

Some pictures from China Town, NYC. Can't wait to go back to Cannal street!! When we were heading back, we were getting tired and it was starting to get dark out, for a whole block...A WHOLE BLOCK, I had to pass all the illegal selling of fake bags. They had all of a sudden made they way out from the shadows, lol, as it was starting to get dark outside, OMG, the bags looked GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! They had them in big suitcases opened like they were ready to make a run for it if the police would show up, lol, I wanted to die, I wanted to stop and have a look but I knew if was gonna get crazy, they really know how to sell and push you to buy when you're not even sure if you want the thing yet and are just looking, I didn't have the energy for it, BUT....omg, I have to go back!! I know it's illegal but hey, at the moment Im far away from being wealthy enought to have the real stuff. And I'm not so much for flashing the brand but I like the simplicity and classy-ness of some designer bags.You feelin'me? (*^_^*) No one needs to know.


S said…
This looks like so much fun and I love your dress.

S x
Gazel M. said…
canal streets so fun :P
thats how i feel. if the bag doesnt have like stupid logos on it then i'd buy the bag hahah
Anonymous said…
fun! love the dress!
looks great! and so do you! <3 thanks for sharing and taking me to the big apple LOL
Anonymous said…
great pics. you've gotten so much tanner since your trip to the US!

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