Close ups

Just some random pictures.
My current accessory hanger, before everything was piled together on the dresser and that was a big NO NO! So now it's all organized, don't you feel that accessories need to be organized sometimes? or am I the only one? :P Also, some close ups on the new bag that I got from Marshalls the other day, it's a Marc Eckö bag that I got for only 28$ org. price 69$ *score* I LOVE IT, and found this cute little note, hidden as a surprise in one of the pockets, from Marc himself. lol. :P

Hope you've all had an amazing Saturday!!


Rabab said…
Check my blog and feel free to leave a comment:)
I usually write about everything. Fashion, shopping, school, quotes but also global problems, politics and the future:)
Welcome to a different blog!;)
Beautiful photos btw:)
lovely pics :) love the rings! enjoying a lazy sunday here :) xx <3
Kenyetta said…
i really need to organize my accessories they are everywhere! not good lol
melindaaa said…
haha i like how they put 'notes' from marc, thats cute
Anonymous said…
cute phone and i have the same bag but in beige!
ah i lovee organizing my accessories! im still trying to figure out how to hang all my jewlwery up in my closet, everything's all in one dresser drawer in manyy jewlery boxes haha. i need something to hang them upp! D:

cute rings btw! :D

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