Creativity rules

Day 19 - A talent of yours.
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What I love the most in life is to be creative, it is something I love to be in life and at work. It would be amazing if I could have a job where I could be somewhat creative, for example, working as an art director, graphic designer, interior decorator, illustrator, etc. however, before that I need some more education and the right connections.
Today with no Adobe Illustrator on my new MAC I haven't illustrated in a while so I'm starting to feel a bit rusty, but here are some old ones, I consider this my talent, drawing and illustrating, enjoy. :)


Sonia said…
I love it! Great illustrations
Anonymous said…
i love this. my favorite's the first to the right!
StephanieDJL said…
Love these! You're very talented bb :)
J-Jones said…
These are amazing! You are definitely talented, Jasifer. :]
you should post more od these! they look amazing, your so talented!
Anonymous said…
Wow you're really gifted. Keep it up with the good job!

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