"Good girls go to heaven, bag girls go to Jersey."

The boardwalk.

I'm beyond amazed how fast you get tanned at the beach.


The t-shirt shop where the cast from Jersey Shore worked at. I bought a tank top with nice print, it's about to burst, XL my ass!!

Cleaned up beach *love*

Dress Target 15$, Cycle shorts New York & Co. 5.99$, Hat/cap H&M, Vintage bag.

Had an amazing time yesterday at Seaside hts. Walked the boardwalk, made some fabulous finds, bought a souvenir, had a seafood dinner, relaxed on the beach, and improved my tan. (read burned, damn it.)
The place is filled with shops, arcade games, T-shirt shops, funnel cake stands and restaurants, you name it!! From what I'd heard about it to be a filthy place, the beach didn't look bad at all, the've cleaned up nice Jay's mom said, so we decided to stay there and not go to another beach...so spent all day at Seaside hts.
It's very "Jersey shore" hyped, but the place was still enjoyable.
Since I took SO many pictures yesterday I've decided to split em' up, I'll post beach pictures a bit later.
Get ready for some bikini shots.

PS. http://fashionablymarketing.me/2010/07/9-plus-size-fashion-bloggers/ can't stop smiling, got picked as one of the top 9 international plus size fashion bloggers. I'm honoured to have been chosen among such great fashion bloggers.
Thank you so much!! I'm so happy! (Thanks Stephanie for letting me know, I had no idea.)


Weesha said…
congratulations hun, so proud of you! love your dress btw, really pretty <3
Papu Morgado said…
It's funny because at the same time you are in New Jersey and Newark, I'm watching The Sopranos non stop (I'm on the last season) and the story takes place in New Jersey and Newark. So your pictures show a little bit more of what I'm seeing on the dvds! It's nice!
Sonia said…
The beach looks lovely and you look so cute! I love that dress
Trees said…
It looks like a really cute kind of place - I was just wondering what's a snooki sandwich and why would you deep fry a sandwich?
Gazel M. said…
Omg I love the pics!
<3 You're gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
congratulations, girl!! you have an amazing blog and should be very proud!
jessica said…
AAAAAH jag måste ha dom där trosorna!! :D
Anonymous said…
cute. love the outfit!
☠ jen ☠ said…
seaside heights haha.. brings back memories of when i was a kid, taking day trips down there! lol i can't believe all the "jersey shore" stuff they're selling.. wow haha

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