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Day 13: A fictional book.
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Orlando Bloom as Legolas in the Trilogy The Lord Of The Rings is just too hot! Had THEE biggest crush on him when the first movie came out and got totally OBSESSED with "LOTR" Watched the first movie 13 times within months, including 5 times at the Theater with different classmates. I bought all the books in Swedish, I bought all the books in English, I bought all the books in ONE book, I bought "LOTS" calander, playing cards, picture books, the making of the movie books, etc etc. I was a complete freak :P AND The Lord Of The Rings turns out to be my favorite fictional story put on paper. I L.O.V.E. the books.

Who else had a crush on Legolas raise your hand!


Roxie said…
The books and movies are iconic! Love them.
Katherine said…
*Raises her hand* Yep, I had a huge crush on Legolas when I saw the movie for the first time. I still think he's the best character in the series. :D
Morgaine said…
totally had the legolas crush.xx
Anonymous said…
great book/movie!

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