LL cool down!

Day 08: A photo that makes you angry/sad.
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*sigh* This one was hard, cause there isn't really anything atm. that makes me feel angry or sad. However, this Lindsay picture does bother me. I don't know if I should feel sorry for her or not...kinda had it coming LL? Ehm...her face in this picture just irritates me, it's like come on, you can take 90 days in jail, I'm pretty sure you'll only have to stay for half that time or less, you look like you just got the "death punishment". Drama, drama, drama...it's stupid.
But, by all means...feel better, go to rehab, have a come back, and be the fresh, positiv looking Lindsay we remember.
Anyone feel the same way as I?


MAYRA M. said…
I Feel the same way! i think she needs to stop making excuses and own up to her mistakes and pay the price, and hopefully come out of this a new person.
pooh922 said…
I feel the exact same way. It just might be what she needs. It'll get her away from all of the negativity in her life and hopefully she will learn something from all of this even if she only has to to less than half of her sentence.
Anonymous said…
i couldn't agree more!
OB said…
:\ I still love her

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