Lovin' the sunny heat

Over a 100 degrees F (about 37+ degrees celcius) out today, wow! It was frikkin' hottness outside, but...I had my daily "about one hour " (longer then that and my clothes will be soked in sweat.) out in the sun anyway and read my book, which is by the way just getting more and more interesting. :) HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T! AND yes...*blush* I did use SPF today, a lot of it, don't wanna burn again. However, do I got that summer glow now? I feel that I have, yay! my days as a pale ghost is over...until winter. LOL. Hope you've all had a wonderful monday!



Unknown said…
Look at you getting a tan! You do have that summer glow! I'm jealous.
Maria said…
Woo, your'e getting coloooor :)
Wow 37 degrees..I would be dying in that heat! I hate when it gets over 21/22 here haha. I am jealous of your lovely tan! You look gorgeous. xo

looking great hun! I`ll be checking out the book :) working on the feature of you now :) fun stuff!!! xxx

Anonymous said…
pretty photos. is the book any good?
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks everyone <3
Yes, the book is really good Eliz. :) a MUST READ.
OB said…
so beautiful!! great photos, I wanna read that book too! :)
Emma said…
Vad handlar boken om? =)

Bilderna från nöjesfältet är superfina! Är de tagna med iPhonen?


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