Minty green ring & nails

New york city ya'll!!! So close...can't wait to go there.

Bought this ring at Forever21, I entered the store with a big smile on my face, but it was a mess inside, hard to find your way around, accessories lying all on different places, some were broken, clothes on the floor and clothes mixed all over the place...the place is hiring btw, I can understand why, you guys need more staff to clean the mess up.LOL. which is good, more jobs!

Like I said before, we don't have our own car to get around with, but Jay's stepdad has an old expired car, haha, it's the kind of car you would see on pimp my ride on MTV. However, it's been late of inspection, so we couldn't really drive it, BUT (I like this!) if you take it in, even if it fails, you can drive it for another 45 days, yay! So we did that, the first day the line to get there was looooooooong, so we made a U-turn, yesterday there were no cars in the line at all, lucky! So after that we could drive safe knowing we wouldn't be pulled over. We went to Barnes & Nobel, LOVE that place, (also went to Target for the first time. Write about that later, bought a dress.) bought a book by Cupcake Brown, A Piece of cake, seems really really good, so that's gonna be my summer read this year! :)
Now I'm gonna head out and sit in sun and read my new book.

Do you have a favorite book that you can recommend for me to read when I'm finished reading "A piece of cake" ??


Modracula said…
what color nail polish is that!? I think its the same that ive got on my fingers!
Unknown said…
Nice nail color & ring
love the zingy mint and the view of the promised land! The Time Traveller is a good read :D

xx honey!
yup tht f21 is crazy next saturday im not working and we can def spend thewhole day in the city!
I must say, I am so jealous of your US trip!! Sounds like you are having an amazing summer so far! :)

LOVE the nail color!
Anonymous said…
i can't wait to go to NYC either. cute nail color!
I hope you're having a great trip! I'm so jealous! xo
OB said…
that is so your color!

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