The melodies...

Day 01: Your favorite song.
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I got many favorite songs, old classic ones and new fresh ones. Not only do I have favorite songs but mostly favorite artists/groups, which songs of theirs I favour the most.

SIA - extremly talented artist. Love all of her songs!
Queen - Unforgettable
Amazing rock-meets-electronica, Ratatat!

Wish I could post endless music videos in this post, but that would be impossible. I can listen to seriously anything, I'm open, I like listening to anything from The System of a down to Britney Spears. House music, electro music, Lady Gaga, Indie music, and deep emotional songs like Josh Grobans. Etc.
What kind of music makes your body feel the groove?

Ps. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your kind comments on my latest post, Also really appreciate the feed back on SPANX, seems like they all roll down and are uncomfortable, so don't think I'll "waste"my money on a pair. lol. Thanks again lovely readers!


Ola Dipo said…
hello! sia's biggest fan over
StephanieDJL said…
Bohemian Rhapsody almost made it to my post, I love that song! I like the other two too, I hadn't heard them before. Like you, I listen to pretty much everything :)

Thank you for the link! I'm excited you're doing the 30 Day Tag, I look forward to reading your posts :)
Sonia said…
I love Sia! My sister introduced me to her and bought me one of her CDs. She's very cool. I love folk rock and indie rock, queer electronica, stuff like that. Tegan & sara is my favourite!
I love Sia, her voice is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
great taste in music.

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