Me luv u long tyme

Aah, so meant for eachother :P his skin was really sticky btw. *shivers*

1. Ugly Betty face. Gotta embrace it. 2. WOW! He's really holding on to me! He's got a good hold of my arm fat LOL. (*^_^*) He must really love me?!

So now I can check that off my list, taken a photo with the Times Square's (somewhat) tourist attraction THE NAKED COWBOY. CHECK! haha.
Thanks Cesilia for the pictures!!


Anonymous said…
ha ha, this is too funny! great shots!
OB said…
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahaha I LOVE IT!
Miss Case said…
OMG, that is hilarious! looks like you're having a good time in the US :)

and ps, he's a ;)

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