Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey

Just a few pictures of the boardwalk at Point Pleasant, NJ. Spent the day there today together with my J and his Mom, she loves the beach just as much as I do and she plans beach trips for us every week now, love her! So go on our 1-2 hour rides to the Jersey Shores, so far Seaside hights and Point Pleasant has been visited, we'll see what other beaches I'll get to enjoy the stay at before I gotta leave for Sweden. (Oh god, Uh! don't even wanna think of that.).
Oh this board walk was really pretty, pretty beach houses...where I continuously pointed out my favorite looking beach houses where I would want to live. Hehe, and the benches...with the cute little tags on, to die for, so cute.


Christina said…
Great Shots! :)

You look adorable in your zebra print dress!

-Christina <3
simplymayraaa said…
Pt. Pleasant looks so peaceful and beautiful! ahh this post is making me want to go to the beach like, now! Your dress is the perfect dress to wear at the beach, easy yet still stylish!
Lois said…
the benches are so so lovely. ijust want to live in america!
Weesha said…
i love the benches, so cute! & check you out you tanned goddess! so happy for you, I was thinking how hard it would be to leave for you but you're a strong girl, you'll be ok <3
p.s I received my dress and I'm wearing it today :D :D
I was thinking what I now see that LuAnne already wrote, so I second that! Thinking of you, enjoy the time you have left there :) you look amazing, so beautiful! thanks for sharing the great pics, I`ve never been there, exiting to see what it`s like! <3

ps. can`t wait to see LuAnne in the dress! :)
Anonymous said…
very cute houses and doesn't look like a too crowded beach. :) love the dress!
Point Pleasant looks beautiful! What a pretty beach and the weather looked beautiful!! I love that dress! :)
Anonymous said…
cute dress and it's really nice there!
Stiletto Siren said…
Great shots! You look lovely!
phillip said…
sitter p[ stansted och ruttnar kllockan 'r12 och flyget g[r 6 kuuuuuul |pj
Adrienne said…
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Adrienne said…
I love these pics and the little zebra dress :)

Love pictures, the scenery looks great! xo
OB said…
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWE I think I'm in love with those benches soo cute! love these photos mama

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