Rollercoaster fun

Holding on tight, second row to the left. (Bizzaro)

Oh lord what a sweaty and hot day (so frikkin' humid) at the Six Flags, Great Adventure amusment park.
So happy me and Jay went today, we tried to go yesterday but had to return cause we arrived too late and it was crowded, hate when that happens, then it's just not worth the money.
Haven't been to an amusment park for years so this was a lot, a lot of fun.
Jason made me go on all the crazy rides, and we had time to do them all, and even a couple of times, we were really lucky, it wasn't crowded at all. Score!
More pics to come...stay tuned for some more "hot" pictures.
(I think my (usually) super tight Garden Collection shorts expanded 2 dress sizes today from my sweaty thighs. LOL.)

Do you like crazy rides?


Weesha said…
I love amusement parks too! so glad you're having an awesome time <3 Love the new banner and info on the right btw,super cute!
It looks like you are having such a blast over there. I'm very jealous! Cute picture, i'm scared of rides like that! xo
Anonymous said…
how fun! i miss those days.
Anonymous said…
i haven't been to six flags in years, but it's always a good time. i love the roller coaster pictures! glad you had fun :)

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