Six Flags, NJ.

We love sky rides. ;)

Hey, I'm superman, yay! First time on a rollercoaster where you get to "fly" on.

Bizzaro, my favorite.

The park from the sky ride, and me and Jason.

I wore a really comfy top with big pockets from F21, and H&M Garden collection shorts, they fit really tight on me, size EU 44. but I seriously think they expanded 2 dress sizes that day cause of me being so darn sweaty, the humidity was nuts!! They had aircon. at the restrooms, it was so hot outside that I seriously considered just staying in there until the sun would go down. lol.

Anyways, just wanted to share some pictures, had lots of fun and if you're ever around, GO TO SIX FLAGS, GREAT ADVENTURE! :)


Simple Beauty said…
Fun Times!
Anonymous said…
how fun! and i love your outfit. it's so down to earth!
J-Jones said…
I never knew NJ had a Six Flags. I've only been to KY (which is shutting down so I've heard) and Atlanta.
Unknown said…
I haven't been to Great Adventure in many years. My brother doesn't live far from there. You guys look like you had a great time.
Zatine said…
Åh va roligt!!! Jag vill också åka karusell :D

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