Sleeveless summer

Wear something without sleeves (Check!)

Dress H&M sale, Shoes from Re-Dress.

This, I've been really good at, been wearing sleeveless all summer :) haven't had much of a choice for that matter or I would sweat like crazy in this heat. However, can't wait for fall to wear a jacket, sweater, stockings or tights, nice! I can not wait...even though I LOVE summer! :)
Do you love summer?


Wusel's... said…
W O N D E R F U L !
lovee the dress!
S said…
Love this dress on you!

S x
Vivian Felicity said…
Você sempre arrasa,sou sua fã!
Te admiro muito!
Anonymous said…
I looove that dress!
disco said…
You're a gorgeous girl! And yes, I miss the Summer since it's Winter here in Oz... but least the red wine is keeping me warm and fuzzy! HEhehehe..

OB said…
I love this dress! you look gorgeous!!
StephanieDJL said…
You look amazing bb!

I love summer but I have to say that for once I'm excited for autumn, I think it's a lot easier to experiment with style and layering when sweat isn't an issue LOL
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks sweethearts! <3
Sonia said…
I love this dress, the detail at the top is lovely! You look great.
Adrienne said…
I am a sucker for a white dress, and this one is gorgeous! Love how the belt adds shape. I am more of a Spring girl than a Summer girl myself, lol.

kittehinfurs said…
love everything about this <3

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