Why!? WHY!? Why do I always have to underestimate the sun? All of a sudden I turned RED. lol.

New dress from Target 15$

Today I sat out in the sun a little too long. I just got to into my new book, A Piece of cake, that I didn't wanna put it aside and go inside the house. So now...I'm toast and I got myself to blame. It's burning a bit as I'm writing this and itching...oh noes!
Tried out my very own "custom made" hamburger today at Fuddruckers, (Jay called it Fuckruckers first and I was like HELL NO I don't wanna go to a place and eat that is called that...foolish as I am..of course he was just messing with me) kind of felt like being at choose what you want to have on it, you just get the "meat" and bread. Got so full, delicious you can see I love the unions ;) Yum... and the pickles. (*^_^*)


Em said…

LOL. I hope you are feeling okay! Lots of moisturiser baby! I love those days when I get enthralled in a book. I totally understand how you can get lost in them too and end up a little shiny! I hope it cools down on your skin soon!

You look really great in that two-shot, BTW!!!
Great dress! The food looks great, as do you, whatever your colour ;D xoxo!
L said…
Girl sun block ASAP! Lol! Feel better soon :D
Love the outfit, sounds like you're having a great time ^-^

Gazel M. said…
Sun block!
Even sunburnt you look hot. <3
Anonymous said…
cute photos!
Alissa said…
That Target dress is so cute on you. I love that you put it with shorts for an alternative option.
OB said…
it seems like you are just having the time of your life... lucky you ;)
Anonymous said…
You look really cute! And now I'm craving fuddruckers. I love how you can eat all the cheese you want!

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