A true artist

Day 17 - An art piece
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Crystal Renn, beautiful, tasteful, artsy pictures in my opinion (*^_^*) hope I haven't offended anyone by posting naked pictures. *scared* please don't flag me. hehe.

Crystal Renn, ladies and gentlemen! (I love these pictures.)


Wusel's... said…
Crystal is wonderful but I was a bit sad yesterday cause I heard on television that she lost weight again to get more jobs. She's quite thin again and it's a pity.
Jules said…
Love it! I love the way she poses I think her having to work harder made her a incredible model! I love these pics.
such beautiful pics! thanks for sharing <3 and the layout looks great sweetheart! xx
Anonymous said…
wow, amazing body.
Unknown said…
I really, really want to do that first pose but then you would probably not hear from me for months and months lol
I've heard here in Brazil, Crystal lost weight, but after I saw a interview with him talking about those skinny photos, and she said that's photoshop and she disliked those photos because is not true. I love Crystal Renn, she is beautiful and a model to the young girls that want to be a model.
Zatine said…
Jennifer thats not Crystal...thats me ;)

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