Yong Fat & Fabulous experience.

As you can see I didn't take much fun pictures, the trip to New York City from Jersey was exhausting, and to be honest being as late as I was I should have stayed home. Took the bus from Jersey around a quarter to 5 pm, we hit mad traffic going under Hudson river, a bus trip that usually takes about 25 minutes took 1 and a half hour, lol, and I had to pee really bad!!!! I survived thank god but damn...that was hell. Walked to Time Square to take the subway, didn't read the info about taking another sub. I took the one that took me further away from my destination, Re-dress. So we when getting to Bergen st. in Brooklyn me and Jay had to walk 10 block. Sweating like hell and feet hurtin'. No worries though, it was too late to turn back, I was gonna attend!!! At 8 pm I finally arrived at Re-dress. Can you imagine the time and effort I'd spent to get to the "Meet & greet"?! :P and when I got there I felt like a loser. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me! It's me...I'm shy when I'm all by myself, Jay left for Dunkin's and I walked in circles around the shop checking people out, I saw all the fabulous bloggers that were invited to the conference, and everyone there browsing around the shop and mingling looked great! It was crowded. :)
Jay spoke the owner outside smokin' a cigg and HE actually introduced me to the owner Deb. she was wonderful! :) Jay's very sociable, not like me, she told me he could do the work for me ;)
I made some fabulous finds and went home after just spending about 40 min. there. *sigh* damn traffic. if I was there from the begining maybe it would have started off better, people stod in groups in conversations and I didn't have the courage to jump in.
I feel a bit bad about it.

Love how Gabi from Young Fat & Fabulous put together this great opporunity (conference) for great bloggers to meet up, and the "Meet & Greet" was really nice, great shop, some finger food and drinks and great people.
I'm happy that I at least got to see all these great fashion bloggers.


vc said…
wow your a great sport! I would have been so upset and mad if I had to go through all that and didn't get to meet any one...LOL well I am glad you got to experience the "meet & greet" and checked out Re/Dress. I hope you do a post of your finds!
J-Jones said…
Don't worry... I'm terribly shy when I'm all alone, too.
Sonia said…
You're such a good sport! I would have been so grumpy by the time I got there I would have had no fun at all!

I can be shy, but I have this "shy barrier" that once I breakthrough I'm more confident/talkative.
Katherine said…
Oh, I so know the feeling when you have a huge urge to speak but you're too shy to. I'm a Finn and well, we have the very same problem with shyness as Swedish people. During the past two years I've learned to speak more, though, but it's still very difficult for me. So no worries with shyness, honey! :)
well done you for going! would have loved to be there with you <3 I really enjoyed this post Jen! xxx
Anonymous said…
ohh i'm shy too. if i was able to go, i don't know how i would've handles the situation either. in fact, now that you're in the US for a bit, i wish i had the time to meet up with you! when do you go back to sweden, anyway?!
Gazel M. said…
i am shy too haha
Anonymous said…
i love nyc, and great shots of you!
Papu Morgado said…
Wow, I'm so jealous of this opportunity you had lol. Even if you didn't stay for too long, it's great to be around all these beautiful bloggers.
It's funny, but if I was there I would probably be to ashamed to engage in conversations too, don't feel bad! ;)
Kristel Knows said…
thanks everyone, you're all too sweet, hugs coming your way *hugs tight* it's comforting knowing that I'm not the only one that's shy :)

Love ya'll.
BBM said…
my sweetest jennifer -

i adore u. ure such a true and genuine person. if u were one of those bloggers at the meet and greet, id travel just like u did and be a hot mess just to meet ... YOU. and i just know i wont be shy, cuz from ure posts ... i could tell ure VERY approachable person ... and that says a lot.

ure awesome.
deb Re/Dress said…
Jennifer it was great meeting you. You're darling and it's really nice to meet you and check out your blog. It was an overwhelming evening, definitely challenging for someone who's shy. I always think of these things as an opportunity to say hi and then follow up in the next meeting. There's nothing wrong with being a wallflower as long as you're being true to yourself.

I hope we get to see you again.
Deb & the Re/Dress NYC shopgirls.
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you Deb & the Re/Dress shopgirls :)
it warms my heart. It was really great meeting you too! :) Maybe I'll visit the shop again before I go home to Sweden :)

Thanks everyone! <3
Anonymous said…
Aw, don't worry, I'm extremely shy myself too! It's amazing that you made it all that way and had the courage to go in even after such a horrendous journey, so don't feel bad about not talking to everyone.

It all sounds so amazing, and you got to meet Deb, who sounds lovely :) I also want you to know that I love reading your blog, despite not commenting much. Your style is inspiring and you are a lovely person. Its also good to know that I'm not the only one who has issues with shyness! :)

Liz xxx

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