A few awesome bargains online that I think matches the fall coming up...

Nicolette Slouchy Rope Purse F21 Was: $29.80 Now: $14.99, Ivanna Braided Heels F21 Was: $24.80 Now: $11.99, ASOS CURVE Pleat Neck Waisted Dress $47.18 NOW $13.48

Bubble Hem Slvls Cardigan Faith21 Was: $15.80 Now: $7.00, ASOS CURVE Printed Oversized Tunic $50.55 NOW $13.48, HERITAGE 1981 WOMEN Warrior Print Maxi Dress Orig.:$26.90 Now:$12.99

Skirt H&M 79,50 SEK (199 SEK), Beach Dress H&M 79,50 SEK (199 SEK.), Shorts H&M 99 SEK (199 SEK)

ASOS CURVE Asymmetric Macramé Top $47.18 NOW $10.11, ASOS CURVE Exclusive Fringe Cardi $64.03 NOW FROM $13.48.

It's no secret I love a good bargain, and that I often shop SALE item/& pieces. Even though we're heading tomwards colder weather I don't think that should keep us from wearing dresses, skirts and shorts. So shopping SALE'S pieces that scream summer souldn't hold you back! You know...just pair them together with stockings/leggings or tights ;) And wrap your dress around with your favorite jacket.

I'm sad to fly back to Sweden tomorrow but I can't wait to get home to my wardrobe!! And my crappy old car that can take me places. It's def. bitter sweet leaving.
I don't know when I'll see Jay again for sure, we're just gonna have to wait and see how long until we can't be away from eachother anymore, it always works out...I'm just nervouse and afraid of being lonely. (silly me.)


vonnie said…
that forever 21 bag is HOT!! most of this stuff is super super cute, good choices
Anonymous said…
great finds! love the heels and the white shirt
Cara said…
....oversized tunic...I so love!!!!

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