Meeting Leah.

The amazing photographer, Leah.

Stacey and Isaac at Sonic, and Isabelle.

Jay, starting not to be shy infront of the camera.

Leah together with her latest edition, adorable Isabelle. sorry about the blurriness.

Som pictures from yesterday when I got to meet Leah, a very old friend of mine! We made it work meeting half way at her friend Stacey's. I followed with J's mom down to South Jersey, Bridgeton, 3-4 hr drive, to later on drive up to Camden county to meet up. YAY!! it was worth the drive, time and everything!!! We met 2007 in PHILIPPINES! can you imagine, and we haven't seen eachother since, it was SO nice to finally see eachother again!! Just wish we had more time...time goes by too fast when you have fun! You know what I'm saying?

We had Sonic, some drinks, and had a fabulous photoshoot at night. (Can't wait to see the pictures)

So I've been staying here in Bridgeton for the last 2 days, and it's different, it's def. Farmville down here, corn field, after corn field, after corn field. (love corn) And nicknames of the city are for example: B-Town, Money Bridge, Da Bridge, Murdercity. Yikes. Yes, people sell drugs around the corner. take me home. LOL.


Wusel's... said…
cute...I love children...:-)))
OB said…
awe so precious!! <3
Anonymous said…
great shots. too cute!

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