Chinese deliciousness

Dress from Forever21, Cycle shorts from New York & co. Bag from Marc Eckö. Ring from H&M.

Me and Jason went out for chinese dinner the other day at our favorite Chinese place, well...more MY favorite chinese place, I love chinese food...and especially DUMPLINGS!
Can't believe I'm going back to Sweden in less then 2 weeks already! Back to boring places to go out and eat at. :P Hello Burget King, McDonalds and endless Kebab & Pizza Resturaunts. lol


Trees said…
This dish will all the nuts looks AMAZING!
Unknown said…
Yum! Love Chinese food! Only 2 more weeks? Oh no. :(
Cosmic said…
mmm those dumplings look mighty-good!

Ontheqtrain said…
I love dumplings ;) You look so cute!
YUMMM! everything looks so good! cute dress and I love your nail color!
Weesha said…
lookit you eating all your broccoli like a good girl haha

I love the first picture of you, you look likw a doll! love the dress <3
Anonymous said…
how cute! i love your outfit :)
Gazel M. said…
Yumm. Dumplings are better when you make it yourself! so delicious.

you look beautiful as always.
OB said…
yum! and you look beautiful as always :) <3
S said…
Lovely outfit. I love your hair!

S x
BBM said…
pretty girl! ;-)
Zatine said…
Awww Jen we can go to fancy resturants everyday =) we can go to sthlm =)

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