Butterfly ring 3
Butterfly ring 2

Giveaway nr. 1, get the chance to win this beautifully glittery bold ring from Forever21 that I've picked out.
It's a FITS ALL Butterfly ring. Totally in love with it myself.

This giveaway is open to everyone, where ever you live in this world.

[To enter you must be a follower of my blog trough Google friend Connect]
Simply leave a comment on this post with your E-mail and if you want...tell me why you like to read my blog. (Very curious.)

[To earn additional entries]
+1 entry if you twitter link me and this giveaway on your twitter.
+1 entry if you link this giveaway on your Facebook.
+2 entries if you write about this giveaway on your blog.

If you do, be sure to seperate your comments on this post and let me know with a link or something like that. (*^_^*)

THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING, and HOPE you like the Giveaway, this is only the first, there will be more :D


Christina said…
I follow you already! ;) And i absolutely adore your blog!! You have great outfits, stories, and pictures!! Just fabulous! ;)

Great ring! Thanks for the giveaway! :D

-Christina <3
Christina said…
also tweeted about your giveaway! ;)
simplymayraaa said…
I follow you :) and i love visiting your blog because i get inspired by your awesome outfits and your blog is always engaging!
Christina said…
Also made a post on my blog and put a link to your giveaway in my sidebar! :)

Gazel M. said…
I follow you, of course.
Enter me in!

gazelma @
RekOhSoFab said…
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RekOhSoFab said…

I began following your blog not too long ago and I clicked follow because you're one of the many plus size bloggers whom I found to have simply amazing style =]
I also linked your giveaway on my blog, twitter(RekOhSoFab), and facebook
Sonia said…
I follow you with GFC. I love your blog because you have amazing style. I mean, I love the style of all the bloggers I follow but your style makes my heart swell. There's something so perfect about it.
Gabi said…
I follow because you are seriously my fashion soul mate :) Love ya!
Trees said…
I love you because you're such a positive, upbeat and fashionable girl - your view on the world makes me smile.
▲sarisafari said…
Oh I'd love to enter this! That ring is gorgeous!<3

I love your blog because you have a really nice style, you're a sweet person and your blogs are so interesting to read. You're such a positive girl.
Hatice Ö. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hatice Ö. said…
#I'm sorry that comment didn't go well :)

I love the ring and you're blog. You're style is great. Although I know I wont win this competition. But still. Never miss a chance, right :D.
Ria said…
I follow via gfc as Ria.
I read your blog because I love your fashion sense and the tours you give us!(summer in the USA).
My email is
thanks :)
Peggy B. said…
I follow you now!I just found your blog but I already like a lot your style and your photos!
My email is peggy.boura(at)gmail(dot)com
have a good day!
Marian said…
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2manycupcakes said…
Enter me! I adore your blog. Very inspirational!
2manycupcakes said…
Also I tweeted. My name is 2manycupcakes. xoxo
hi hon. as you know I am happily following you already. I love your blog because you are supersweet, I love your outfits and taste in style!and simply put, I <3 you.
Kat said…
Hello, please enter me :) You know what I really love? I love the way you make titles for your posts...very quirky!

katch05 at gmail dot com
Elizabeth said…
I follow you :) (at)
Cosmic said…
Pretty ring(just like it's current / present owner:)!

meeyeehere said…
Hey,I am a new follower and I have never read your blog before but I looked around and I like your blog because you are super adorable and you are very in fashion! I like you! Come by my blog and enter my giveaway before it ends tomorrow. Thanks and have a great week.Love the ring and your nails!
Anonymous said…
carly said…
i am a follower!
Unknown said…
I absolutely love your sense of fashion and thats why i follow your blog. i'm going to announce this on my blog and twitter =) that ring is gorgeous!
L said…
Awesome giveaway Jen!

I follow you through google.
I blogged about it on my blog(
And I tweeted it also...

I read your blog, mostly because of your OOTD's. You have a great style and I look forward to seeing what you wear, and you take beautiful pictures too.

Weesha said…
ok, I know I can't win again- it's not fair to others and people might think it's a conspiracy :P but I'm entering anyway haha!

and I read your blog because it feels like you're an old friend and we're chatting about our day, outfits and anything else through our blogs <3
Papu Morgado said…
Hey! I love your blog! I just gave you a gift stamp (like a prize) on my blog. Check it out!
Wish you a great week! :)
Anonymous said…
I love your blog because you're not afraid of who you are, no matter the size. you have given me new found confidence. thank you!

beeyum (at) ymail (dot) com
Pixie said…
Awww excellent! That ring is very beautiful. I have only recently found your blog via someone else's but you're an amazing lady and your writing flows really nicely. Thanks for the opportunity. :)
Cindy Van Dyck said…
Your ring is amazing! Please check out my blog so we can follow eachother!

Love, Cindy
Malou said…
Love the ring. Count me in for this giveaway ;-) I follow your blog because I think you´re style is super cute and you inspire me pretty much.
Malou said…
Oh yes I also made a post on my blog about you ;-)
You can find it here:
I would love to be entered! I have been following you through google for a few months :)

I love your blog for a few reasons. We are close in measurements and you always take risks and pull it off, I have seen you wear crazy patterns and hareem pants, things I wouldn't even consider until I see you pull them off! You have a great sense of style and I love every outfit you put together. I also love reading about what you got up to in your own country and the USA, and it really inspires me that you are in a relationship with an oversea's man! I'm a sucker for American boys and you're living my dream (lol!)

Good luck to everyone else too! This is a great giveaway. xoxo
Unknown said…
would love to be entered in the give away I love your attitude and posts my name is georgia and I am from cleveland ohio and I wish you a beautiful day filled with pink rainbows
i will tweet and do all the other thingy's
Ulrika said…
Lovely giveaway! I follow your blog because I think you seem like such a positive and great person with great style! xxx, Ulrika
OB said…
this is gonna have I LOVE BUTTERFLYS!!!!!!!!!! Omg that is so beautiful!

I'm your blog sister or course I follow you silly girl

and I read your blog because your post make me feel good and happy, I love your pictures and watching you take the US over with you great style and big heart! you are amazing duh ;)
Kristel Knows said…
:) thanks everyone for enter! Winner will be announced soon <3
Rikke said…
I hope it's not too late to enter?

You know I already follow you :) My email is:

I have just tweetet your giveaway and put a link on my facebook.

Also I'm currently writing an entry for my blog both for this and the other giveaway.

It's not just saying, but I truly love your blog and I think it might actually be my favourite out there. I don't know if that's because you're also scandinavian and we stick together, but mostly I think it's because your blog is so honest. You put so much heart into it and it shows. I really couldn't ask for anything more, but I know you'll bring something new again, as you always end up surprising me.

Good job, Jennifer! You're such a sweet girl. xoxo
Anonymous said…
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