H&M Bargains


Been browsing around one of my favorite stores, H&M. In Sweden we don't have Targets and Wallmarts etc. so H&M is my first and favorite bargain store to shop at. They often have KICK ass sales, and basic pieces that are must haves in your wardrobe for low prices!
So, I've put together this fabulous collage :P to show you all how you can find "whole outfits" at H&M that won't hurt your wallet. You really save money shopping at H&M ;)

One minus though with H&M is that their plus size line isn't that impressive compared to ASOS curve and Faith21, and also a lot more expensive compared to the straight sizes pieces. BOO for that!! Right girls?! I don't understand why plus size clothes sometimes are so expensive, extra fabric? that's just silly.

I have nr.1 given you some bargain tips that one suggested, AND nr.2 bigger text hehe. Love ya'll!


Gazel M. said…
People like to take advantage and monopolize. :( It's sad.
Love the picks though xoxo

Christina said…
I love these three outfits!! :D

Great picks! I have yet to shop at H&M for clothing...i usually just go for their jewelry! hehe

But these outfits are a nice inspiration to get me to explore what they have to offer in terms of clothing!

Thanks for sharing hun! :)

-Christina <3
Ontheqtrain said…
I love how you put these looks together and I must get the accessories!
Anonymous said…
great choices.
Marian said…
yay for the bigger font! haha.
I love H&M but I agree that plus size clothes are expensive and normally are not too cute, they look like old mamas ones. And no way!!
Mode Junkie said…
great collages babe! love that graphic dress on the third collage. so givenchy! i need to buy that!

xoxo Mode Junkie
Carla said…
target, walmart etc dont compare to H&M =D! I LOOOOVE H&M (Im from europe haha) and Im so excited they are finally opening tons of H&Ms here in WA =D I wish we would have online shopping at H&M here in the US =D
I love the third outfit! Love the pumps

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