In great detail

Day 25 - Your day, in great detail
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So this would be my day yesterday in great detail. Hanging out shopping with the girls in NYC, Having delicious dinner at a knock off "Chipotle" YUM! The best, Sour cream, cheese, Salsa, smack it on, you name it. and Chips with that of course, YUM! Chillin' at home, watching TV, reading blog updates and tweets. Went out for a night ride with Jason, he had a Wendy's salad, love their new salads, and love Jason, he's my baby. Hung outside the house a little bit, and went out to Dunkin' Donats' at 3 am, LOL, for donuts'. Jeez we're such pigs. LOL


love this post! almost like being there :) great pics. also, now I`m hungry looking at those pics LOL
Anonymous said…
great post!
OB said…
you are having way too much fun!! :)

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