Loving the shopping


SO, yeah! I love the malls here in Jersey, everything you can imagine you'd want check out under the same roof, me likey! The malls here are a milion times bigger then the ONE in my city. (lol) :D So I've visited the Jersey Gardens 2 days in a row this weekend, we just couldn't stay away...I'm officially in love with that mall. Lots of Outlets and Plus size stores available. I went bananas at the Victoria Secret outlet store, I think I spend 2 hours in there, seriously, stocked me up on tons of panties and lotions for me and my family, HAHA!
Also today I went for the first time to DSW, omg omg omg...is all I gotta say. Designer shoes for mad cheap! ...and bags as well as wallets. (Beats Marshalls!) LOVE! Only got an hour of browsing but it felt like 5 minutes, time flies! Gotta go back...cause I didn't get anything, you should never rush when shopping shoes and bags. ;)

I love shoes and bags, do you?


Christina said…
I love shoes and bags!! :) so jealous! the malls here where im from are big, but not as big as that one, and the selection of plus size stores is limited to lane bryant and torid in most malls! But im glad you had a fun time, i usually take FOREVER when i shop! There just doesnt seem to be enough time to browse through all the store's awesome selection! hahaha! :D

-Christina <3
Maria said…
Oh my oh my... I want to shop so much right I feel sick :(
Unknown said…
Have you been to Garden State Plaza in Paramus yet or Short Hills Mall? Short Hills doesn't have any plus size stores but there's Macy's, Nordstorms, & Bloomingdales.
Were those animal print bags at Aldo? I am on the hunt for an animal print bag for fall! LOVE the shoes, especially those Madden Girl booties! And I agree, you should never rush shoe shopping! :)
Sarah Whitney said…
OMG outlet malllssss. I love a good bargain. I'm kinda, sorta REALLY jealous of your shopping adventures!! ;)
Anonymous said…
i love that mall! and those boots are to die for!

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