Mixed wants.






MMmmm, if I only had the money. I would get that Burberry Jacket, FENDI bag and ASOS bag. Anything that cost above 100 USD needs be thought through :P but...oh man...I want all these items badly, imagine for the fall. And I know, i know! :) The duck boots from Tommy might not be THAT pretty, but I find them very Ugly/Beautiful if you know what I mean...I like them :D What are your thoughts?

Ps. don't forget to enter the giveaway, I never posted the "end"-date. but that will be on Thuesday. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! ENTER :D


Anonymous said…
love this style. especially the bag!
Gazel M. said…
I love everything in this. I really want that Burberry jacket especially.
When I get enough money I think I will invest in that ASOS bag. It's beautiful, functional and it's leather.

Kristel Knows said…
I know right Gazel, imagine that jacket on you, MMMmmmm, nice! :D it looks so cozy. <3
Sybil said…
aahh yes.. drool!!! :D love the brown/camel tones this fall!! :D can't wait!

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Ray said…
Love the Hilfiger boots and Fendi's bags!Lovely blog:))
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Anonymous said…
i want a satchel like that for the fall as well.. otherwise, these are very classic pieces you picked out. great investments :)
stina honey said…
those shoes are stunning. i dont know if i like the high ones or booties more.
I want all of these too!SarahD:)
Velma Williams said…
I want the coats and purses :).

lovely post!
Ohmanitslisa said…
This is almost a little creepy to me that you posted this. Because I have been dreaming about ALL of these things down to a T!

What I would do for those booties... seriously.

StephanieDJL said…
Love, love, love! Burberry Prorsum A/W collection is giving me everythinggg

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