Please, vote for me!

So here's my big fat summer challenge - recap.
I'll give this link to the challenge hostess,
Return to sender. She will later create a poll where everyone can vote for their favorite,
I hope I got your vote ;)

click on image to view bigger.

The rules that was followed...below, follow link to read and see more photos of the outfit.
Hope you enjoyed the challenge, I sure did! It really pushed me to be comfortable wearing summer clothes that are more revealing. For example...wearing a 2 piece bathingsuit!! Thank you Return to sender for hosting this challenge, and good luck to all the other participates! (*^_^*)


Katherine said…
Oh wow, you have done really well with this competition!! I'll vote for you for sure :) I think you've been very brave as, for example, I can wear a bikini only when I'm swimming with me mates and there's no one else around...
I can't even decide which one of your photos is my favorite as they're all so awesome!!
Lois said…
you have my vote, i love the structureless look! x
Anonymous said…
amazing. you exude a lot of confidence. i love that! you definitely have my vote (:
Oh you definitely have my vote!! :) I LOVE every singe one of your looks! xoxox!
Sarah Whitney said…
Gurl, you got my vote for sure. Your confidence only makes you more beautiful :)
Katrin said…
You really did it super well! Not like my xD

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