Secret Skin

Photo taken by my Samsung Digital Camera. (ES15-don't buy it!! LOL)
Photo to the left put on Scene: Portrait. Photo to the right put on Scene: Beauty Shot

There you got my Secret to flawless skin, lol, Sorry I feel like such a cheater. If you own a Samsung digital camera I'm pretty sure we share the same settings, so just go to Menu, click MODE, go to Scene, and there you can change it to Beauty Shot. What it does is that it slightly retouches your skin, you can even change the level of retouching, mine is currently on Level 1.

Anyways, I do have bumpy skin on my forehead, every now and then (especially during sweaty summers) pimples. I do think I've been pretty lucky with my skin though, I don't do much with it...Besides cleaning it with hot water/showers, often cleaning wipes. I have a mayor T-zone!! Very dry skin around my eyebrows and nose, that's when I use my personal miracle cream, Elizabeth Arden's Eight hour cream, it is AMAZING and it works! IT WORKS! I just rubb that on before I got to bed and the next day, the dry-ness, inchy-ness and irritation is gone. It is the best product ever for dry skin. It's a bit pricey but it really works and bottle will last you for months!!

Because of my dry skin I don't apply much foundation, or rather not use any at all, cause it messes up my skin and I've never been big on foundations, never knowing the right one for my skin, neither have I ever wanted to put money on "good" make up (that often cost more money) cause make up in Sweden is very over priced. I'm on a make up shopping spree of JOY here in the US! :D But this "foundation deal" is something that I'm getting more into, The MaXfactor Second skin really works for me at the moment.

These are the skin products I'm using:

Any tips on your favorite skin care/make up? I'd be happy to hear about it, Cause I don't know much myself, lol. Hit me! :D


Sonia said…
You're gorgeous either way, but I'm glad you're honest about using a retouching photo setting. I don't use foundation either, because I have a few persistant dry spots and it never seems to sit right. I love tinted moisturizer, I use Quo (less expensive) but I have a sample of the Elizabeth Arden stuff and, though more expensive, it is just wonderful. I'll be purchasing it as soon as my sample runs out.
Cosmic said…
I agree with Sonia there! I barely noticed you're 'flaws'(ie what you've noticed:). You're a natural beauty you don't need to hide behind a mask!

Anonymous said…
You're skin is so beautiful!
Wunderkindchen said…
I have a Samsung camera, too. I have to admit I am kinda addicted to the beauty shot- it's just brilliant. I try not to use it every time so that I do have pictures of myself like a actually look since I do have pretty bad skin from time to time.
Zatine said…
Nooo Jen no Maxfactor shit you know he rapes little girls =(
Emma said…
Neeeeeeej, Jennifer! Inte Maxfactor! Precis som Elin säger så är arvingen en äcklig jäkla våldtäcksman som gör så grova saker med de han våldtar att flera i juryn fick gå ut och kräkas när de fick se videorna han har spelat in när han gjort övergreppen på tjejerna.
I en av filmerna så sitter han på sängen (bakom honom ligger en medvetslös tjej) och tittar in i kameran och säger: "Some people dream about spending holidays with family. I dream about this." och så börjar han med sina sjuka saker.
Han har dessutom sagt när han skulle upp i rätten att inget kommer hända eftersom han är rik.

Usch och fy för Maxfactor! Jag får rysningar bara jag kommer i närheten av deras skit.

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