Sunset at the Skyline


Jay took me to Weehawken NJ to look at the Skyline at sunset on our anniversary, so beautiful! I love the Manhattan skyline! It's mesmerizing! HUGE! MASSIVE, so much to take in, I could stare at it forever. And I love New Jersey too! Close to the city and close to the shore, and close to various kick ass malls for amazing shopping! :)
Going home in 2 days, it doesn't feel real.


Anonymous said…
love your outfit :)
Weesha said…
pictures are gorgeous and you look great as always, love your cute outfit :) I hope you're doing ok, I'm sure Jay will come visit you before you know it!
LieveMiekjuh said…
Hi girl,
I"m reading your blog for a while now and I have to say you're always an inspiration for me. Today it's your amazing top. Where did you buy that????
Thanks for sharing,
X LieveMiekjuh
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks girls :) <3
I hope so Weesha, or I visit him, I just dont know when. Be strong Jennifer! BE strong, lol.

Lieve, The top is from H&M ;)
Wusel's... said…
wow...very romantic, wonderful outfit...wonderful pictures... :-) made me smile... :-)))
Cosmic said…
You're a really cute fresh-faced pretty girl and boyfriend is a fresh-faced handsome dude, together you look so damn CUTE:)

BTW love your outfit:)

sRa said…
i'm sad to see you leave, i've been living vicariously through your foreign discoveries of NY. :)
Gazel M. said…
You look amazing and so does the scenery.
carly said…
Gorgeous pictures!

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