Time Square light

Target dress, New york & co cycle shorts, The Edge sandals, Mark eckö bag.

Some photos from yesterday when me and Jay spent the whole day in NYC. We ended the day by walking through Time Square at night. Beautiful! You can click on the images to view them bigger.

Ps. Ony need one more follower to hit 200 :D Giveaway soon to come!! Love you all.


Unknown said…
I am so sad that we didn't get to hang out when I was there! :( Love that dress. I almost bought but when I went back it was gone. Looks great on you!
You look fab, I love that dress on you! the pics look great, perfect setting for a romantic stroll! <3
Gazel M. said…
You look beautiful as always my dear.
carly said…
there is good news for you at my blog :)
Anonymous said…
i love time square! cute dress!

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