Time Square Video

A taste of Time Square. Enjoy :)

ps. when I call for Jason he 80% of the time doesn't hear me, it's like Stewie on Family Guy calling for Lois, and as usual...lol...i think i sound like a man. :P I should do a vlog, or what do you guys think? :D ALSO, only 2 more followers to hit 200, then I'll host a GIVEAWAY that is for sure, excited. Just scroll all the way to the bottom to find the follow button.


Trees said…
A vlog would be great! Looking forward to the giveaway^^

Malou said…
Now im a follower as well ;O)
Cool blog.

Anonymous said…
cool video.
Courtney said…
I don't think you sound like a man at all! I loved that video, it made me want to go back to NYC so bad! I would love to see a vlog.

Loving The Reflection
Kelly C said…
I don't think you sound like a man! And I totally expected you to have a thick accent for some reason. LOL Cute video!!! You should definitely vlog!
the EyeZuh said…
i love your voice :)... now do a vlog! ;)

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