To do what you enjoy

Day 20 - A hobby of yours
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What I do most of my free time nowadays is blog, shop and hang out with friends.
But I do also enjoy drawing, illustrating and decorating as well.

What is your hobby?


Katherine said…
Oh, do you collect pullips? Or was that a friends collect pullips and blythes. Myself I collect asian ball jointed dolls.
And when it comes to my other hobbies...well, cycling, jogging, shopping, drawing and chatting with my friends, haha
Anonymous said…
how nice! you and i enjoy the same things. i love how you used little doll as the blogging picture (:
Unknown said…
I must say I'm an internet shopping junkie!! I mean I can get lost on the internet looking at EVERYTHING!! From clothing to accessories... Even Home Decor... I love it all!! ;)
▲sarisafari said…
lovely hobbies!
mine are watching movies, photography, art, photoshop and shopping hehe

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