Wishes and wants...


Buy white converse.
Buy a pair of the new Levi's curve id jeans.
Buy the Revlon Growlicious mascara.
Eat out at Olive Garden
Go see and take photos of the NY Skyline at day time.
Go to Canal street again.
Buy I Love NY t-shirts for me and my family.
But most of all love every min. I get to spend with Jason, cause in 10 days we'll be away from eachother for a good amount of time. *sad face*


Anonymous said…
sounds like a bunch of good wishes and wants :)
Gazel M. said…
:( That stinks.
Dee O. said…
I LOVE YOUR BLOG! The concept is really neat! & you look so amazing, that ring is awesome :) Great job!

feel free to check out my blog:
Hei søte du, håper dere koser dere og nyter hvert øyeblikk sammen de siste dagene! Kanskje du vil komme til oslo på din neste tur? <3
I am of españa. Always I follow your blog. It does to me illusion that you were spending for my blog, it would do a lot of illusion to myself. (I sit it for my bad writing)

Anonymous said…
i love this photo of you.
Anonymous said…
Great pic! I also want to try the new revlon mascara and the levis id jeans!

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