YFF article in the Local papers.

Gabi, Sakina and nicolette in the local paper.

Gabi's Young Fat & Fabulous conference made it to "The Record" Bergen County (where I'm staying atm.) local paper. Cut it out to post it here in case you girls/readers are interested, maybe you want to pick up a copy yourself from "The Record" or just save thise images. (*^_^*)

Jason's mom:
"Jeeen, your blogger friends are in the paper, the ones you went to see before in Brooklyn."
lol, She's too cute. Thanks Debbie for showing me the article!


Lois said…
thats sweet that they are in the media! x
nicolette said…
Omg! I've seen this everywhere online since it was syndicated, but this is the first time I'm seeing it in print!

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