You're welcome toes.

ASOS PEQUITA Low Chelsea Kitten Heel Shoeboot $60.66, Miss KG Cameo mid heel court shoe $101.10, Shoe from Skopunkten 199 SEK.

Booties H&M 199 SEK, Shoes H&M 199 SEK, KG Corsico Slingback Kitten Heel Shoes FROM $85.94
Stud Shoe SEK 559, Aitems - NELLY.COMFankie SEK 299, Timeless - NELLY.COM
Frankie Timless 299, AITEMS STUD SHOE SEK 559, Björn Borg 899 SEK.

Reading the biggest issue in 20 years by GLAMOUR apparently lower heels are back! After years of sky high heels, midheels are appearing on the fall runways. I've picked out some favorite low to mid-heel shoes to affordable prices, I love high heels and platforms, but it's nice to see a change on the runway with some lower heels, since that is what my dear soles and toes survives the long run at the moment. I like the midheel trend, something you can wear everyday without feeling like you're going to a dinner party when you're really on your way to work, but still feel chic. lol You know what I mean?

Like or dislike?


Christina said…
I love kitten heels! I have a lot of them in my shoe collection! ;)

-Christina <3
Honestly, I can't get with the kitten heel. Heels for me are best 3 inches or higher! Your selections are cute though, I love the booties!
Cara said…
love the brown booties i'm really into them,comfy and not open toes :) mid heels ftw :)
Anonymous said…
i love those brown boots!
Gazel M. said…
Some kitten heels are alright, but a lot of them ruin a beautiful shoe.
Nice picks.
I love the last pair! I like to treat my toes to wegdes :) puss <3
Stiletto Siren said…
I like a midheel too, keeps it a little more functional!
Mode Junkie said…
i love a healthy mix of high and mid heels! ;) sometimes a girl needs a break too! LOL

Sarah Whitney said…
I really like the booties! I'm not a huge fan of small heels tho, I like to go all or nothing lol

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