3 wishes

Pumps from Skopunkten 299:- (SEK)

Dress from H&M 149:- (SEK), Patterns wrap blanket cardigan 500:- (SEK)

Give me, give me! I'm the worst at saving a lot of money when getting my paychecks, I gotta get started so that I can visit J and go through with the visa application, but it's so hard when you often (almost always) get massive cravings to shop for fashion. Anyone got a good way to stay away from shopping too much?


Anonymous said…
i love love love this!
Cosmic said…
Easy way to avoid temptation is simply to abstain from going on to any fashion internet sites and avoid the commercial retail hubs(take the scenic route instead, get one with nature:)!
Weesha said…
yeah fashion and food are pretty much my weakness. I just stay away from malls, it's a complete tornado of cash otherwise!
Yes, leave your wallet at home and don't visit these shops websites! hehehe
Of course this is easier said than done...

Have a great Saturday!

Kristel Knows said…
Jungleworldcitizen: haha that is a good idea. :) to leave the wallet at home, maybe leave the card at home. I never carry cash lol.

Thanks ya'll ;) I can never stop dreaming, craving and wishing, but the thought of the future will hold me back on the shopping I think. I have yet not since I got home bought any clothes and such :D yay me.

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