Brother tribute

Denim jacket - VILA, Over size knittet shirt - H&M, Belt - NELLY, Leggings - JSFN, Shoes - Converse, Bag - Marc Eckö.

So my little brother has been living in London for the past 6 months, and I've always missed him a lot, so when I got to know he was gonna be home visiting by the time I was coming home from the US I was excited and happy about that! Something that made me feel a bit better about going home, having my family all at home.
I'm so proud of him, I just gotta express my big sister proudness. He's working at GANT on Regent street, (If you ever wanna HOLA him. :P) he's currently the "Best seller" and just got a promotion. Even so, he's thinking about going back to Sweden and moving to Stockolm, ARE YOU CRAZY!? :P I would never pass London up, however, I have inspired him to come with me to New Jersey so that he can pursuit a career in NYC. ;)
And I'm gonna try to make hime start a fashion blog too.


Gazel M. said…
I would totally follow your brothers fashion blog.
Style runs in the family it seems.
Ontheqtrain said…
You and your brother are adorable. I love how comfy you look but still remain to look chic his outfit is nice as well.
Cosmic said…
Lovely adorable pics(you must be so proud:)!

How blessed are you??!

Michelle said…
whoa how did i never see him :O im around there all the time haha mega stylish guy :)
Mary said…
He's cute. I guess good looks run in the family.
Anonymous said…
your little brother is cute! and i love the color of your nails :)
you both look fab! love his style! vi vil ha brorsan-blogg! LOL klem
Weesha said…
Style and good looking run in the family, huh? :)
Seriously, you both look awesome over here and I love the jewellery you guys are wearing!
Cara said…
Thats cool...I would tell my brother to do something like that and he would never keep up with it!!! hes always on latest trends and takes pics...but his mind would never be dedicated to blogging lol :)
Unknown said…
love the pics...he's a cutie! lol
sRa said…
he should - great style! you two are the cutest!
sRa said…
oh and i really want his jacket...where'd he get it?
Emily said…
loveee the outfit :D

check out my blog :D ;
OB said…
vie silencieuse said…
LOVE that outfit! and your brother sure is some ögongodis :P hahaha
Mode Plus said…
I'm thinking maybe all scandinavian people have style??? LOL
Cool pics of your bro/

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